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Pro Gold i2 Front & Back Office Benefits

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Chances are you're currently using many different software systems to run your real estate business. You may have one system for accounting, one for transaction management, a database of your customers (CRM), a sales management system, and a few more.

Multiple systems create isolated pods of information, capturing valuable information but failing to share this information with your other systems. The cost of having multiple systems includes:

  • Increased training requirements for employees
  • Increased data errors
  • Decision making without proper/correct access to information
  • Increased office stress
  • Increased employee turnover
  • Increased agent turnover
  • Wasted staff time due to data duplication
  • The total cost of all software purchases

Pro Gold i2 real estate software works on an 'One Entry, One Time, Once' protocol to save your company time and money through the elimination of excess staffing hours and mundane inputting tasks. Designed to eliminate data duplication, Pro Gold i2 integrates your listing data into your office processes, including transaction management, financial management, automated commission processing, and owner controlled lead incubation processes. Choose a software solution that integrates all of your information into one simple and easy-to-use process.

Benefits of Integration

  • Increase company controlled business through comprehensive lead management
  • Simplify training of new office employees
  • Create consistent office procedures
  • Streamline Front & Back Office operations
  • Reduce duplicate data entry
  • Increase listing inventory
  • Maximize agent recruiting efforts for optimum results
  • Increase agent retention
  • Happier staff
Transaction / Sales Management
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Transaction / Sales Management

Effectively managing transactions and Sales Associates is key to running a successful real estate company. Benefits include:

  • Easy access to the transaction and processing information
  • Streamline commission processing to increase profitability
  • Cash flow projections to better manage your financial resources
  • Managing Sales Associates with up-to-date and innovative reporting methods
  • Streamline duplicate data entry procedures
  • Password protected for better office security
Financial Management
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Financial Management

Many of you have some type of accounting systems in place. To realize the true benefits of a completely integrated system, accounting procedures must be consolidated. Benefits to this consolidation include:

  • Easy training for new and existing employees
  • Implement standard policies and procedures
  • Reduce outside accounting services
  • Reduce accounting errors & fees
  • Better control money for advertising
  • Increase profitability by tracking financial details; i.e. budget vs. expenses
Seller Progress Reports
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Seller Progress Reports

Pro Gold i2 solves the number one complaint a property owner has about their agent when selling their real estate: Poor communication!

  • Pro Gold i2 in conjunction with ViewMyListing.com, provides Seller Progress Reports to improve communication with property owners
  • Increase renewals by keeping sellers informed of the efforts to sell their property
  • Use Seller Progress Reports to justify early price reductions and reduce expired listings
  • Build your company & agent reputation
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors
Prospect Management
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Prospect Management

Managing your prospects from the first point of contact through long term incubation will increase your conversion rates. With Pro Gold i2 you can track your marketing costs, allowing you to focus valuable resources and marketing dollars to maximize your investment. Other Benefits include:

  • Assign referral fees to lead sources to increase company profit margins
  • Interface to ViewMyListing.com allowing Sales Associates to access prospects in the field

For more information on Pro Gold i2, please email at Sales@taronetwork.com, or click here and let us know who to contact.