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January 4, 2008
Taro Systems Adds Document Storage Capability to ViewMyListing.com and Pro Gold XP

Taro Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Document Storage to the ViewMyListing.com and Pro Gold XP product offering.

The newest option for Pro Gold XP Version 3.0 and ViewMyListing.com allows for the secure access of transaction documents for Agents and Pro Gold XP users. This feature further enhances the transaction management capabilities of Pro Gold XP. Documents can be loaded within the application of Pro Gold XP or the individual Agent login of ViewMyListing.com. Now Pro Gold XP users and Agents will have access to the shared documents online.

    1) What is the pricing structure?                     

      Document Storage Pricing: $4.75 a transaction

    2) How do I pay for this service?

      On the first of the next month, Taro Systems will send an invoice for all qualifying transactions.

    3) If I activate the document storage icon (color goes from Red to Green), will I get a bill next month?

      Not necessary, only the transactions with the 1st documents stored on Taro Systems’ servers will activate the billing process.

    4) How long are the documents stored on Taro Systems’ servers?

      2 years

    5) Who has access to my documents?

      Only your Pro Gold XP users with proper access and Listing Agents involved in the transactions and with an active ViewMyLisitng.com account.

    6) How many documents can I load to Taro’s Servers per transactions?

      20 with each a maximum individual size of .5 megabytes (500k).

For more information on the Document Storage feature, please call Taro Systems at (888) 500-9315.


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