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March 22, 2007
Taro Systems, Inc. Creates a Buzz with 'Single Entry' at the 2007 Century 21® International Business Convention

Taro Systems, Inc., with over 25 years of providing real estate software solutions, recently attended the 2007 Century 21® International Business Convention (Las Vegas, NV), announcing that the highly sought after 'Single Entry' capability for Pro Gold XP is now a reality.

Doug Lee, President and CEO of Taro Systems said, "this was our second attendance at the IBC convention, and again it was very successful. We meet with many of our new and long term customers. One such client, Dan Borgerding of Century 21 Woodland has been with Taro Systems for over 26 years. I think in the world of technology, it is incredible to have such a loyal client base. Other than MicroSoft, very few software companies can make such a claim."

When asked how do you have such long term clients, Mr. Lee, the original programmer of the early Pro Gold DOS versions, said, "it is simple...deliver what you say you will.”

Those attending were excited to hear about the Pro Gold XP single entry solution, a joint effort between Taro Systems, Inc. and Realogy, developed to eliminate the unnecessary data duplication between local MLS’ and Century 21. Crest EDG and Taro Systems’ product seamlessly integrated the local MLS with its front and back office real estate software solution to the push up data into CrestEDG."

What is Single Entry?

Single Entry with Pro Gold XP Real Estate Software

  • Data input begins by entering your listing data into your local MLS. This information is then automatically transferred to Pro Gold XP through the MLS-IDX feed.
  • Century 21 Brokers/Owners now have choices...traditionally the franchises input listing information, pictures and transaction information using the franchiser's corporate interface, such as Crest EDGSM for the Realogy brands. Now for the first time Pro Gold XP has the ability to report to the national web sites of Century21.com, ERA.com, & ColdwellBanker.com, as well as sending transaction information to the corporate franchise reporting system.
  • Those real estate affiliates choosing Pro Gold XP can eliminate duplicate data entry of Crest EDGSM, instead of having several separate systems that create inconsistencies in their office procedures.
  • Integrating their front & back office operations with Pro Gold XP's Single Entry system will allow real estate firms more efficient daily operations and reduce overall cost through Pro Gold XP.

What makes Pro Gold XP's Single Entry unique is that it integrates all aspects of the real estate office, including MLS, corporate franchise reporting, all accounting functions, integration to company web sites and even remote login for homeowners and their sales associates. Taro Systems’ software solutions, commonly known as Pro Gold XP and ViewMyListing.com, also seamlessly integrate and enhance the Realogy LeadRouterTM system.

For more information on Pro Gold XP call us at (888) 500-9315.

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