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May 17, 2007
Taro Systems, Inc. Comments on the 60 Minutes 'Chipping Away At Realtors' Six Percent' Real Estate Report

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May. 17, 2007 -- I always like to present the other side of the story when the media likes to present a single biased point-of-view, usually from the smallest representation of the population! Sunday, 60 Minutes aired what was a clear attack on the value of Realtors® and our holding the public hostage and charging exorbitant fees - Chipping Away At Realtors' Six Percent

Anyone selling their home has many choices. One such choice is to sell it themselves and save the 6% commission. So, why does the majority still use a Realtor®?

The couple referenced on 60 Minutes to advocate the saving the commission simply represented the minority that try to sell their home themselves. There will always be sellers and buyers that will avoid using a Realtor® and I wish them good luck. The good news is they have that choice.

However many of us have full time work, don’t have the time, and our employers are not understanding on the amount of time necessary to show our home to potential buyers, negotiate the deal, make personal telephone calls at our work, all while using company resources. What if I get fired because I chose to sell my own home? That 6% commission looks pretty good from that point-of-view. When I show our home to potential buyers, are they really buyers or do we just let anyone in our home? What a great opportunity for someone who is pretending to be interested and only looking for their next burglary. I know the chances are small, but it does happen. I certainly appreciate a professional who does this as a living and can offer good common sense protection. There are numerous reasons I would use a Realtor® and it only took my for-sale-by-owner experience to realize the Realtors' value.

I’ll bet the couple on 60 Minutes will realize it too when they try to sell their home themselves. Given all have choices, why isn’t the majority trying to sell their home themselves? I guess that will be our little secret.

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