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July 18, 2008
Taro Systems, Inc. Announces the Launch of ViewMyListing.com 9ae (Agent Edition)

Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 18, 2008 - Taro Systems Inc., the developer of Pro Gold XP, the premier front and back office real estate office software solution, announced today that they are beginning a limited introduction of their latest online productivity software for real estate Agents, ViewMyListing.com 9ae (Agent Edition).

By offering ViewMyListing.com 9ae to the Agents of their preferred clients, Taro Systems Inc. expects to receive feedback from up to 125,000 users before its general release on August 15, 2008. ViewMyListing.com 9ae (Agent Edition), is designed specifically to use technology to bridge marketing and seller communication.

“The timely communication that ViewMyListing.com 9ae provides has long been needed within the real estate industry. Communication or lack of it is a common complaint expressed by sellers nationwide.  In a service based industry, communication is the key,” commented Doug Lee, President and CEO of Taro Systems, Inc. “With the slowing and competitive real estate market, a functional, innovative agent software solution addressing CRM (Customer Relations Management), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Seller Communication is highly desirable in today’s marketplace.”

As an added feature, ViewMyListing.com 9ae comes with a Personalized Uniform Resource Locator, or PURL. A PURL is a personalized web-site (PURL) that is customized to the Agent. When they Sign In to their personalized ViewMyListing.com PURL, our database customizes information to tailor the web page experience directly for them. Moreover, once Agents login, they can adapt their PURL to fit their needs. The PURL offers a website where Agents can add their property listings and optimize them on the major search engines (SEO or Search Engine Optimization) for higher search rankings (i.e. Google, MSN and Yahoo) leveraging the 1,000,000+ sellers that have used ViewMyListing.com. Their PURL also provides access to RSS Real Estate feeds to keep them up-to-date on real estate trends, and much more.
In summary, with 24/7 access, Agents can utilize the system anytime and anywhere thru an internet connection at http://www.ViewMyListing.com/. ViewMyListing.com 9ae is one of the best communication tools available for real estate agents and their business. ViewMyListing.com is fully automated and easy to use. It includes a suite of agent tools for lead management and marketing, advanced communication and transaction management.

Additional information on ViewMyListing.com 9ae (Agent Edition) can be found at http://www.ViewMyListing.com/ or please call Taro Systems, Inc. at (616) 940-0007.


About Taro Systems, Inc.: Taro Systems, Inc., headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with over twenty years in operation, possesses the knowledge needed to develop unique and dynamic solutions to address industry-wide problems. The proof of Taro Systems' dedication can be found in the successes of Taro Systems' clients - real estate companies of all sizes - including some of the largest in the industry. Taro Systems is technology aligned with relationships, providing outstanding customer service to the people that count - the customers!

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