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July 18, 2008
ViewMyListing.com New Free Estate Search Engine with over 1 million listings.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., December 10, 2008 -- Taro Systems, Inc. is releasing a free Real Estate Search Engine using their 26 year Pro Gold i2 customer base of successful real estate companies and agents. Potential buyers are given access to over 200,000 professional goal driven agents and over 1 million listings.

Recognizing the need for struggling realty offices and agents across the country to adjust their businesses to accommodate current market conditions, ViewMyListing.com provides a Free Personalized web site (PURL) with a secure login for each agent. ViewMyListing.com offers a premium upgrade to ViewMyListing.com 9ae, assisting agents with superior customer service and proven advanced marketing tools in a single integrated solution. Even without the premium upgrade the Free PURL provides free leads on property inquiries, the ability to print flyers, post open houses, obtain local market conditions and other real estate related news.

"Real Estate is a great business to be in," said Doug Lee, President and CEO of Taro Systems, Inc. "During the 26 years I have invested in the industry, I've learned that people are optimistic, goal driven and have many great personality traits. However, most real agents and companies lack integrated solutions and still use inconsistent business processes. Thus, the real estate agents and companies follow the ebb and flow of economic times...though they are survivors!"

Taro Systems is unique because it is not a franchise model Emphasizing brand identity, but rather a successful business model using the comprehensive real estate office software solutions of Pro Gold i2, ViewMyListing.com 9ae, Agent Connector, and SingleEntry Single Source Technology, all designed for the independent or Franchise agents and office affiliation. All of the developed technologies are centered on what we believe are their true and forgotten customers of the Industry “Sellers selling their Property” and “Buyers Purchasing the Property”. This can easily be proven true by the loss of referral and repeat business.

"Our success formula for real estate companies is literally in our name "TARO", an acronym for Technology, Aligned with, Relationships, and Outstanding customer service," added Lee. "Our goal is to provide an affordable technology solution to Real Estate Agents and Companies with essential tools that provide a unique competitive advantage!"


For more information, visit their website at www.viewmylisting.com.

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